The Collegiate Recovery Community

University of Mississippi

Testimonials from students in the Collegiate Recovery Community

“The CRC is the opportunity to ignite the principals of recovery into all areas of academics and personal life”-Brian

“Having the support of fellow students as well as faculty and staff truly helped me ease into my experience here at Ole Miss. I have been thrilled to have a community that understands what it is
like to experience university life while in recovery. We have a safe place within our CRC and it has been crucial to success in my graduate program.” ” – Allison

 “The CRC has been my safe haven for the past 3 years and I am sober one more day because of it.” —Amber

“The CRC has given me the validation of knowing that college and recovery can go together since both are forms of higher learning.” —Charles

“My time with the CRC at the University of Mississippi has shown me the value, and indeed necessity, of communicating with others who share similar experiences and struggles. The Recovery Community provided me with an honest, open, and safe forum for a dialogue regarding my troubles with substance abuse with the hope that this continual discussion could lead toward a transformation as a person who is not just in ‘recovery’, but is also understanding of what this condition means in a personal sense. And this has in fact happened. Through my work with the CRC, and corresponding personal growth, I now see my vocation as working in the mental health field, particularly in the realm of substance abuse. Currently, I am pursuing an MSW, something which would have been unimaginable prior to my time with the UMRC. I am incredibly grateful for the work that they do.”  —Michael

“Having a Collegiate Recovery Community on campus is like having a flashlight in the dark.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the CRC, and I am excited about our future.” —Hunter